GetResponse Review: Email Marketing Solution

GetResponse Reviews best email marketing

Before you decide to use GetResponse, you should know what you can expect from it. Here, we’ll discuss price, features, integrations, and customer service. In addition, you’ll find out if the service provides the kind of support you need. You should also consider how flexible the platform is, so you can use it for your business needs.


GetResponse is an email marketing tool that can be used to build an email list and then send marketing out to those who have subscribed to your list. The basic plan is priced at $19 per month and includes some features that you can pay extra for. You can then upgrade your plan incrementally as your subscriber base grows.

GetResponse pricing
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Aweber and Mailchimp offer free plans for small lists. They charge if you have more than 5000 subscribers. GetResponse charges based on the number of active subscribers and the number of monthly emails sent. GetResponse has attractive discounts for prepaying.

If you’re starting a new business and want a professional email marketing solution, GetResponse can help. The company has a knowledge base, a help center, and live chat support. GetResponse also offers one-click integrations with major eCommerce platforms and CRMs.

If you’re just starting out, you can choose between the free plan and the premium plans. The “Basic” plan allows up to 3 users, while “Plus” and “Professional” plans allow five and 10 users. The Plus plan also includes a feature that helps you recover abandoned orders. The price of GetResponse depends on the size of your mailing list, but the price is cheaper than many major competitors. And the higher-tier plans include advanced features like contact management and automation.

GetResponse also provides integrations with various content management systems and has limitless editing features for emails. Users can also create custom email lists and import contacts from multiple sources. However, the price is slightly higher than other similar email marketing solutions. The quality of GetResponse is excellent, and it can help you grow your business.

GetResponse also offers a free plan, and you don’t need a credit card to start using it. It also offers discounts for upfront payment, which is a good feature. You can set up automated workflows and SMS text marketing, too. You can also customize your marketing campaigns with the help of GetResponse, which can also be used for e-commerce.

GetResponse also provides statistics on delivery, and it offers a capture page builder. GetResponse pricing starts at $15 per month, and you can get a free 30-day trial.


The GetResponse dashboard has been designed to be easy to use. It contains widgets and a Quick Actions section. It also has a customizability option, allowing you to change the look of the dashboard. Nevertheless, there are some things to watch out for.

GetResponse features
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One of the most notable GetResponse features is the ability to collect and organize data on customers. This data is critical for segmentation, personalization, and implementing trigger emails. It also organizes contact information into data fields and enables you to customize these data fields. The autoresponder option lets you automatically send emails to your subscribers based on the data you have collected.

GetResponse also offers a number of email templates that you can use. You can choose from over 120 templates across seven categories. You can even save your templates, which are then stored in My templates. The email editor is a powerful tool with lots of features and is easy to use.

GetResponse offers a free trial and flexible pricing plans for businesses. The free version supports up to 1,000 contacts. You can try it risk-free for 30 days and upgrade anytime after. The paid version has extra features such as webinar capabilities, a sales funnel builder, and marketing automation.

The list management capabilities of GetResponse are impressive. With custom filters, tags and automations, you can build and manage your lists efficiently. Additionally, you can create rules for list hygiene. You can also integrate GetResponse with third-party software. It offers several types of integrations including the embedding and hosting of forms on third-party websites. You can also customize your thank-you page and backend.

Another useful feature of GetResponse is the Split Testing option. With this tool, you can test five different subject lines to see which one performs better among your subscribers. This option is useful for businesses that sell to a global customer base. Aside from split testing, GetResponse offers the ability to create different segments based on various aspects of the email campaign.

In addition to creating a lead nurturing list, GetResponse features also enable you to create a landing page. Moreover, you can map out a conversion funnel using GetResponse’s conversion funnel mapping functionality. This makes tracking the success of your landing pages much easier.


GetResponse is a popular email marketing service that allows you to connect with other tools. Getsitecontrol, for example, can connect with GetResponse to add subscribers to GetResponse automatically. To connect with GetSitecontrol, simply edit the widget’s settings and select GetResponse from the drop-down list.

App Integrations
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Another integration you can add to GetResponse is the CRM integration. Through this integration, you can create custom actions based on CRM data. This integration allows you to add and remove tags, create sequences, and save elements in custom fields. This integration saves you from having to write a line of code and can save time.

Using GetResponse integrations is a great way to automate your marketing. It allows you to manage and send email newsletters, run campaigns, manage online surveys, and organize follow-up auto-responders. It’s an all-in-one marketing platform that will allow you to automate the entire marketing process.

GetResponse offers a free trial period, and it allows you to import up to 250 subscribers. In addition, you can test its features for a week without putting in any credit card details. If you decide to subscribe, you can use the Basic plan, which is significantly less expensive than its competitors. It also offers a generous discount if you pay for the service in advance.

Another email marketing platform that integrates with GetResponse is Convert Pro. To get started, install the Convert Pro Connects add-on. This add-on manages integrations with third-party email marketing services. It supports both GetResponse360 and simple GetResponse accounts. You’ll also need an API key for the integration to work.

Customer service

If you’re looking for an email marketing platform that provides a host of useful features, GetResponse may be a good option. It has a free trial and generous discounts. The platform offers sophisticated marketing automation tools and flexible data segmentation, and it makes managing your list easy. However, there are a few drawbacks that you should be aware of.

Customer service
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One of the main drawbacks of GetResponse is the lack of telephone support. If you’re unsure of a certain feature, you’ll have to rely on online documentation or submit a support ticket to the GetResponse team. However, even without telephone support, GetResponse is still popular with many businesses.

Overall, GetResponse is easy to use, and for the most basic tasks, it’s relatively simple to set up an email campaign, import contacts, configure autoresponders, and check statistics. However, it could use some redesigned features, including a more intuitive form designer and a more user-friendly landing page creator.

In addition to its email marketing platform, GetResponse also offers webinar and sales funnel software. It serves over 350,000 small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) with fewer than 30 employees in 183 countries. Its primary competitors include Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign.

GetResponse provides automation tools that allow you to send emails to your subscribers based on their behavior. You can also create a drag-and-drop builder that makes it easy to create a specific customer journey for your business. By using this tool, you can send emails to your subscribers and build brand awareness.

GetResponse Pricing: How Much Does it Cost to Have an Effective Marketing Tool?

GetResponse Pricing
GetResponse free trial

GetResponse is a great tool to improve your sales. Here, you can create email campaigns, landing pages, automate your email responses, and so much more.

With digital tools like this, it is now a lot easier to find leads, and funnel them into making a purchase of your product or service? But how much does it cost?

Here, we will discuss GetResponse pricing, and see which plan is the best for you and your business.

Before we start, you need to know that each plan’s price will increase according to the size of your email list or leads. The least is zero, and the highest range is 100,000+. The prices we will show per plan are the smallest to the highest range.

All plans have a free trial for 30 days.

Basic Plan: $15 to $450 per Month

GetResponse basic plan price per month

At the Basic Plan of GetResponse pricing, you will get the following services:

  • Email marketing
  • Forms and surveys that your customers and leads can fill out
  • Exit pop-ups on your landing pages
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Facebook ads
  • Autoresponders
  • 150+ integrations to other web building sites like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, WooCommerce, and so much more!

The Basic Plan is great for entrepreneurs who are still starting out building their email list. It is also a great tool for people that want to increase engagement via email, but this is mostly done through Facebook ads.

Plus Plan: $49 to $499 per Month

GetResponse plus plan pricing

This plan is great if you are looking forward to increasing sales. With this plan, you will get all the benefits of the Basic Plan, but you will also be able to sell electronic products on the landing pages you create.

It is also in this plan where you can create webinars, which is highly beneficial to your consumers if the product you are selling needs a tutorial and a live question and answer portion.

With this plan, you can also have up to three users or admins.

Professional Plan: $99 to $580 per Month

GetResponse professional plan pricing

This plan works best if you are now in the phase of automating your business marketing campaign. In this plan, you can create paid webinars, and have a maximum of 300 attendees.

This is also the plan you need if your company is now medium-sized where a lot of effort is poured over marketing. You can have up to five users or admins in this plan.

You can also get features like scoring and tagging, which means you can categorize your customers and then analyze patterns of their behavior.

Max Plan: Custom Pricing

Max plan pricing at getresponse

The last in the GetResponse pricing is the Enterprise package. This is the most expensive plan. It is best used by huge companies that are now ready to create their own tailor-fit marketing campaigns and digital tools.

Sometimes, the typical services of a digital company will not make the cut, and you want something that fits the needs of a big company. One day, you will also need to consult directly with a provider, like GetResponse, so they can tweak the programs for your benefit.

Here, you will have an account manager from GetResponse, Single-sign-on, maximum of 500 webinar attendees, dedicated IP address, and so much more.

With this plan, you will get all the benefits of the previous plans, but you will be able to do transactional emails. Which means you can respond to each customer response in a personalized format. You can also leverage the skills of GetResponse experts by consulting with them.


The summary of GetResponse pricing review article

All Plans have a discount if you pay per year or per two years. The prices laid out in this review are for monthly payments. If you pay one whole year with a lump sum, you get a discount of 18%, and you will get a 30% discount if you pay for two years.

GetResponse: 3 Tips to Help Your Email Marketing Campaign

What does getresponse do?

GetResponse is so much more than an email marketing tool. Yes, its primary function is email but it has evolved into more than that and has much more to offer. What else does GetResponse do?

What is GetResponse

GetResponse is a marketing tool that allows you to work with multiple types of campaigns for different purposes.

Among its services are email marketing, auto funnel, landing pages, webinars, and marketing automation, just to name a few.

Here, we will be discussing the most useful tools that you can get from the company, and learn what GetResponse does and what it can do for you.

Email Marketing

Prior to the advent of email, people typically received various types of flyers, postcards and other promotional leaflets in their mailboxes. They would physically have to leaf through this information and discard or keep it as they saw fit.

See how small business owners just like you used GetResponse

Today, the process has not changed much at all. The medium however is now email. Email is the most efficient way to reach customers. Email marketing works in the same way as the snail mail campaign but has a greater reach with a lower cost. GetResponse allows you to gather email addresses and send marketing materials to thousands of people.

If done right, the recipients of your email would inevitably click your link and buy your product or services, thus increasing your sales and revenue.

Landing Pages

What is a landing page? It is a webpage that gives the consumer information on the features and benefits of your products and/or services. It shows the consumer what you offer, the price, the benefits, why the consumer should buy it, the shipping details (time, price, courier etc.) and so much more.

GetResponse landing pages and integration platforms

There are many products that do not need an entire website. One page is enough, and this is why you need a landing page. The thing is, there has to be a clickable button on your landing page, which is linked to a payment system.

Typically, the link to your landing page is what you include in your promotions like email campaigns and advertisements. When a customer clicks it, they will be redirected to the landing page and see what your offer is all about.


Instead of a product, you may be selling a service like education. In this case, you would be creating a series of videos in the form of a class curriculum.

In order to have better control of your content a webinar is a better platform to use when teaching.

Create webinars for your audience with GetResponse

It is user friendly in that people will not get lost in the feeds, you will be earning money (if you are charging for the classes) and you will be able to interact with your participants in real time.

Basically in a webinar, you create a live teaching class that will stream at a specific time. Only people who enrolled in the course can access this video from their smartphones, tablets, and computers.

You can do this via GetResponse, and decide if you want to password-protect your webinar, or if it is accessible to the public.


What does GetResponse do? GetResponse is an email marketing service with the added benefits of multiple creative marketing solutions. This marketing tool allows you to create marketing campaigns that get great response rates. The details that matter the most about your marketing campaigns is the content you put into them.

All in one online marketing solution to grow your business

Overall, GetResponse can be used for various marketing purposes to help boost sales and generate revenue.