GetResponse Pricing: How Much Does it Cost to Have an Effective Marketing Tool?

GetResponse free trial

GetResponse is a great tool to improve your sales. Here, you can create email campaigns, landing pages, automate your email responses, and so much more.

With digital tools like this, it is now a lot easier to find leads, and funnel them into making a purchase of your product or service? But how much does it cost?

Here, we will discuss GetResponse pricing, and see which plan is the best for you and your business.

Before we start, you need to know that each plan’s price will increase according to the size of your email list or leads. The least is zero, and the highest range is 100,000+. The prices we will show per plan are the smallest to the highest range.

All plans have a free trial for 30 days.

Basic Plan: $15 to $450 per Month

GetResponse basic plan price per month

At the Basic Plan of GetResponse pricing, you will get the following services:

  • Email marketing
  • Forms and surveys that your customers and leads can fill out
  • Exit pop-ups on your landing pages
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Facebook ads
  • Autoresponders
  • 150+ integrations to other web building sites like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, WooCommerce, and so much more!

The Basic Plan is great for entrepreneurs who are still starting out building their email list. It is also a great tool for people that want to increase engagement via email, but this is mostly done through Facebook ads.

Plus Plan: $49 to $499 per Month

GetResponse plus plan pricing

This plan is great if you are looking forward to increasing sales. With this plan, you will get all the benefits of the Basic Plan, but you will also be able to sell electronic products on the landing pages you create.

It is also in this plan where you can create webinars, which is highly beneficial to your consumers if the product you are selling needs a tutorial and a live question and answer portion.

With this plan, you can also have up to three users or admins.

Professional Plan: $99 to $580 per Month

GetResponse professional plan pricing

This plan works best if you are now in the phase of automating your business marketing campaign. In this plan, you can create paid webinars, and have a maximum of 300 attendees.

This is also the plan you need if your company is now medium-sized where a lot of effort is poured over marketing. You can have up to five users or admins in this plan.

You can also get features like scoring and tagging, which means you can categorize your customers and then analyze patterns of their behavior.

Max Plan: Custom Pricing

Max plan pricing at getresponse

The last in the GetResponse pricing is the Enterprise package. This is the most expensive plan. It is best used by huge companies that are now ready to create their own tailor-fit marketing campaigns and digital tools.

Sometimes, the typical services of a digital company will not make the cut, and you want something that fits the needs of a big company. One day, you will also need to consult directly with a provider, like GetResponse, so they can tweak the programs for your benefit.

Here, you will have an account manager from GetResponse, Single-sign-on, maximum of 500 webinar attendees, dedicated IP address, and so much more.

With this plan, you will get all the benefits of the previous plans, but you will be able to do transactional emails. Which means you can respond to each customer response in a personalized format. You can also leverage the skills of GetResponse experts by consulting with them.


The summary of GetResponse pricing review article

All Plans have a discount if you pay per year or per two years. The prices laid out in this review are for monthly payments. If you pay one whole year with a lump sum, you get a discount of 18%, and you will get a 30% discount if you pay for two years.

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