5 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketers

Marketing your website is easier said than done. Though you can get many ideas about the kind of ads and marketing activities you can implement, tracking the efficiency of your actions is a little bit more complicated.

This, however, is made easier by several support systems and software you can use. With these programs, you can analyze data, gather insights, and execute marketing plans that lead your customers to take actions. Here, we will be taking a look at the five must have WordPress plugins for marketers.

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Digital Marketers

5.) PixelYourSite

pixelyoursite company logo

In marketing, there is a thing called a Pixel. It is an identifier that is directly linked to your Facebook page, Facebook ads, or your ads on Google.

What it does is it tracks the traffic that your marketing strategy brought to your website. The pixel is embedded on your website, and if a customer clicked your advertisement on Facebook, a browser will pop and open your WordPress blog or store.

Track everything with the Global Events on PixelYourSite
Track everything with the Global Events

This lets Facebook gather data, which you can study later on to make informed decisions. The issue here is that different advertising platforms have different pixels and it becomes tedious to analyze all of them.

With Pixel Your Site plugin, you can add multiple tracking codes to your site automatically and analyze your data by looking at a single dashboard to find out which ads are effective and on which platforms. You can use this plugin to integrate with Facebook, Google, and Pinterest.

4.) Revive Social

Image of Revive Social WordPress Plugin Logo

This plugin is primarily focused on social media campaigns. It lets you share posts on schedule on different social media platforms, track the number of clicks from these posts, and share the content to a specific audience demographic.

One thing that it solves is the issue with customization of sharing posts. All social media platforms have a default view of what you share. This plugin allows you to share only the title, if that is what you want, or include hashtags. You can also customize the text of the post if you want to.

Here's what makes Revive Social the WordPress Marketing Plugin so powerful

The major benefit in using this plugin is that you can integrate it to multiple accounts so whenever you want to post something, you can launch it in several platforms at once like Facebook and Instagram.

3.) WPForms

What is wpforms for wordpress

If you need a plugin that allows you to gather information from your customer, then you must definitely have this. WPForms allows you to create an online fillable form that your web visitors must fill out.

Image of the most powerful and user friendly WordPress form builder  features
Some of WPForms Features

It is best used in situations where your customers have an inquiry, or if you are giving away some free stuff. Ask for your customer’s name and email address, or state. Once you have all these, it will be much easier for you to determine which locations bring the most traffic.

You can also use the email addresses for your marketing campaign, or ask them to subscribe to your weekly blogs. Use this form to collect payment information, or to launch a survey.

2.) OptinMonster

Image of OptinMonster's logo

This is a tool that you need to gather information from site visitors who are willing to subscribe to your offer. OptinMonster is best used to monetize your WordPress site by getting site visitors to provide you with their email addresses.

Gif of OptinMonster WordPress plugin for marketers

You can also use this plugin to create offers like discounts, but make it mandatory for them to provide you with information. You can set the plugin to pop-up on your home page, asking the site visitor to subscribe in exchange for your offer like an eBook or free access to a course.

1.) MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights company logo

Data analysis is a crucial backend activity. If you know what is happening, you can make informed decisions about how to run your business.

To do this, you need Monster Insights. It allows you to connect your website with Google Analytics. With this, you will know where your traffic is coming from, what devices they access your website from, what keywords or categories they used to find your site, and so much more.

Image of the monsterinsights difference

If you know these details, you can create data-driven action plans and eliminate the guesswork, therefore making your campaigns more targeted, more effective, and more profitable.


These five must have WordPress plugins for marketers are important. You might think you do not need them now, but you eventually will. It is best that you set them up now and then learn how they work as you go along the way. These are all easy to use, integrate, and you will be amazed at how you can leverage them to improve your business marketing strategies.

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