Conversational Forms for WordPress Websites

If you have a website for e-commerce then more than likely you have first-hand experience of a major problem, form abandonment. How many times do you get half-leads, incomplete information or even a lost sales opportunity because a prospective client doesn’t fully complete an online form? If you are like almost website owners, the answer is a lot!

Forms can be long, daunting, and confusing. That is why many people start them and don’t finish them. It is also why Conversational Forms, an addon by the WPForms plugin for WordPress sites is so great. They replicate human conversation which is why companies like Typeform, who produce online surveys use conversational approaches to help achieve full completion.

What are Conversational Forms

Conversational Forms is an addon feature of the WPForms plugin that is built exclusively for WordPress websites that does exactly what the name says it does. They make interactive form layouts that make filling out a form on your website more like a conversation, and not yet another long form. This will improve your completion rate, will lead to leads, sales, and growth.

Instead of just being a laundry list of fields for the user to fill out, Conversational Forms give a one question at a time style to your form. As the user is asked a question, they provide the response and then the next one comes. It truly feels like you are having an actual conversation instead of filling out a form.

Conversational Form by WPForms
Example Conversational Form by WPForms

Benefits of Using Conversational Forms by WPForms

The first and biggest benefit of using the Conversational Forms addon is that it will boost your form completion rate. Whether you are asking your website visitors to fill out sales lead forms, surveys, event or user registration or even job applications you will get more people seeing it through until the end when they feel like they are having a real conversation. Using conversational forms by WPForms will make your site more productive and you will see a fuller and higher quality of information.

It is also very easy to set up, install and customize on your WordPress site. As mentioned, this was created specifically to be used with WordPress so it integrates seamlessly into your site. In fact, you can set up a Conversational Forms landing page in about 5 minutes! It is a very simple process and there is absolutely no coding involved so you do not have to be a computer genius to do it.

Editing a conversational form by WPForms
Editing Conversational Form Example

Once you install the WPForms plugin there is a wide range of customization options. You can put your logo right on the page and set it up with your companies favored colors as well. You can even choose different style progress bars to truly incorporate it into the look and feel of your site. It will look and function great on your website whether users are on computers or mobile devices.


Stop getting partially completed forms and start making the information gathering process on your website more efficient with Conversational Forms by WPForms. Conversational marketing is a huge trend right now and adding the WPForms plugin to your website will not only be an important tool but it will also make your site feel welcoming and modern.

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